Communicate dynamically and visually with your target audience.


Make yourself accessible and useful to your clients and potential customers.


Develop lasting relationships with your most loyal customers – wherever they are.


Develop the branding and strategy to reach your audience economically and effectively.


Give your videos and live presentations a unique atmosphere with exclusive audio content.


Find your voice and use modern media to create ongoing relationships with your fans.


Porkopolis Media founder Brent Billock has been at the forefront of web development, internet marketing and multimedia production for over 20 years. His hands-on skills in design, multimedia development, customer-focused communications, animation, video and music production have spelled success for sole proprietor startups and multi-million-dollar corporations alike. That versatility in scale and breadth means he can help you create the ideal solution for your business, prioritize the most important ingredients that fit your budget, and measure the results to fine-tune your strategy.


“Our marketing efforts would not be the same without Brent’s contribution to our online presence. We have trusted him for over 15 years to guide strategy and development for our websites, educational and promotional videos, and social media. It seems like there’s nothing he can’t do, and it’s always top quality work done on time and on budget.”
— Jack Dempsey, Crescent Cardboard
“To call Brent ‘versatile’ would be a great understatement, given his mastery of diverse domains from interactive media development to marketing strategy to financial markets. Brent's boundless creativity, sharp wit, and effective management skills make him an asset to any organization.”
— Nikhil Torsekar, Zacks Investment Research
“Brent's knowledge of Internet Marketing is exceptional. His command of Flash work was the original reason we worked together, but I now value Brent’s input as a strategist and manager, instead of simply as a developer.”
— Patrick Elward, Chicago Web Management
“Brent did a great job of developing our web marketing. We were just starting our online presence and he did a lot to get us on the map. I'd certainly recommend Brent’s site building skills and also his marketing savvy.”
— Tim Borden, Ala Carte Entertainment

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